Make Your Home Sparkle



Soft Washing:  Preserve your home’s finish with our revolutionary Soft Wash System.  SOFT WASH IS LOW PRESSURE- NOT POWER WASHING.  Removes dirt, moss, mold, mildew, algae, lichen & more.  Roofs, Home Exterior, Siding, Decks & more!  Does not damage paint or roof.  Safe for plants & animals.


Window Cleaning: Our past experience, combined with traditional techniques and new modern equipment, will have your windows sparkling clean. We can even reach those tall, hard to get to, dangerous windows with minimal ladders or staging or none at all. One of the new technologies that help us achieve professional results is: pure water technology. These hard to get to windows are cleaned with pure filtered water. This removes the hardness from the water, thus leaving your windows looking great.


Pressure Washing: The list of items that can be pressure washed is almost endless.  Here is a list of the most common items:  sidewalks, steps, walkways, patios, driveways, buildings, fences, siding, gutters, decks, boats, heavy equipment, metal roofs, concrete roofs, and much more.   Our equipment is much more powerful than a homeowner’s version.  Knowing when to use high pressure and when to use low pressure, combined with the proper chemicals is the key to a successful job with no damage.  We do not pressure wash asphalt shingled or wooden roofs.   


Rain Gutter Cleaning: Rain gutters serve an important roll by removing run off water from the roof away from the house and foundation.  Dirty rain gutters can result  in damaged gutters; if over loaded with debris, gutters can fall or break.  Improper maintenance can affect drainage, causing over flows, plugged downspouts, roof/water damage, dry rot & structural problems.

We use a few different methods depending on the house & the complexities.  Cleaning gutters by hand is our preferred method; we use special ladders with stand offs to prevent gutter damage.  Debris is removed and downspouts are flow checked.  Blowing gutters out with a leaf blower:  we sometimes use this method if the debris is dry or if we are blowing off the roof in conjunction with the gutter cleaning.  Power washing:  this is an extremely effective way to clean tall gutters with minimal ladder use.  This method requires a skilled operator, correct pressure and an array of special equipment for this application.

Cleaning the outside of rain gutters:  Over time the outside of gutters can become stained, streaked and dirty.  Even though this is not a gutter performance issue, it is unsightly and if left long enough these stains become difficult or impossible to remove.


Roof Maintenance/Moss Control:  Moss growing on a roof is not only unsightly, but is harmful and will greatly reduce the lifespan of your roof.  Moss will lift shingles, reduce water run off and feeds off the material that composite shingles are made of.  Many insurance companies are now requiring that homeowners maintain their roofs so they perform adequately.  A properly maintained roof reduces the probability of water damage to the home.  

Our system gently kills the moss and will not harm or damage your roof in the process.  Our system consists of removing loose debris, such as leaves, needles, twigs and dead moss, with a leaf blower. Remaining moss is then treated with an industry proven, EPA approved application of zinc sulfate.  This product is applied in a spray/liquid form or powder, depending on the situation.  Once the roof has been treated the moss will slowly begin to die off.  After the moss is dead and it’s root system has lost it’s grip from the shingles, it will begin to wither away and blow off the roof in time by letting Mother Nature do her work.  This depends greatly on the slope of the roof and the severity of the growth.  A second visit is sometimes needed to lightly brush and blow off remaining dead moss.  This results in a much cleaner roof, but there is also an additional charge for the second visit.



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